Client Testimonials

Ms Ohashi ::: Frozen Monkey Coffee Shop
That's all for 30,000 yen?! That's a really super price.

A. Mariano, Founder ::: Sambat Trust Pro-Bono Charity Website
Brilliant! Hope I didn't cause you too much stress! No, seriously, what you have done for us is just amazing.

S. Fujisaki ::: BikeMe Portal Website
Thanks for such a quick turnaround, and thank you also for being so thorough in every detail!

Y.Miyao ::: Ringtail Medieval Event Room
Wow! I'm already in love with it! Thank you, thank you. I think we can produce a fantastic looking room, just using these illustrations alone!

A. Scott ::: Tomei Wines Website
Thanks for a great job! I can't believe how smoothly this went! Really appreciate your extra effort on everything. Will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for web work.

Anthony Hemmens ::: the English E Website
I love it. It's absolutely beautiful. Really Fantastic!

Rob Peck ::: Gloucester Sports Online Shop
Looks fantastic, exactly what we need - nice and simple and very clearly laid out. We all owe you a few beers, I think...

Scoop Cafe review ::: Scoop Cafe
... brand-new ice-cream shop where your favourite fruits can be blended into your very own original ice-cream before your eyes! ... The cafe is decorated in vivid hues of reds and yellows, and if you look closely at the logo illustration, the word 'SCOOP' appears as if by magic.
[Review from Kyushu Walker Magazine]

Alex Byrne ::: Bakumatsuya Antique Bookstore Website
My first impressions are that it looks really good and smart. I have a feeling you are getting better and better at what you do! It's going to be a great site and I wouldn't be surprised if other dealers in Japan or overseas see your link at the bottom and ask for help too!

N. Kawakami ::: Kawakami Housing Website
We just received a letter from the wife one of of our clients, saying what a super website we've made. It's all thanks to you!

Y. Miyao ::: Ring Tail Hobby Shop Website
Thank you so much for such a great looking website. I think it's already outdone everybody's expectations for our new store!

Eugenie Misheal ::: BellyQueen Belly Dance School Website
Thanks so much for explaining everything so well, I really appreciate it since I'm currently a web dummy ;-) This is the first time that I've experienced building a website, so I really appreciate you not using 'tech speak' and confusing us. We would definitely recommend you to anyone ;-)

H. Price ::: Yokohama Ballet Website
Thank you so much for your help this year!! The applications for my seminar are double what they were this time last year.

Mr. Matsumoto, CEO ::: Kingston Golf Caps Website
The whole project was so easy to follow and quick. I'm impressed by the care shown in our first work together. It's great!

M.Yoshioka ::: Green Breeze English
Search engines have picked up the site now, so we'd like to say a big thank you for that too. Your positive and helpful reponses to even the tiniest request have been great.

D. Kruger ::: BestWine Japan Online Shop
The two "companies" I talked with didn't impress me. Overall impression was that they wanted to set the hook and go from there. Whereas you've been very complete in all correspondence - thanks! So you blew the competition away, a lot to be said about service.

K. Kato ::: Kato Architects
We're really grateful for having all our wishes realised. Even when we wanted changes made halfway through, they were done so fast, and now we have a homepage we're really proud of. We've never had a website we can update ourselves – it's great! Thank you so much.

First Secretary ::: Botswana Embassy Website
Thanks a lot. We will always seek your assistance if we experience any challenges.

H. Shimobeppu ::: Access Cars Website
We at ACC chose 'A Touch of Tensai' for our Japanese export business because we felt able to trust them. Not only do they know design, but they also appreciate cultural contexts and potential translation hazards. They visualised exactly the image we wanted, and we're very grateful!

N. Ikeda ::: C&C Japan Car Exports Website
The finished site is absolutely perfect! Thank you!

L.E. ::: KitaQGamers Club Website
The new website is awesome!

A. Byrne ::: Koshashin Vintage Photography Website
From my first contact, I knew I was in good hands. I was always impressed with the patient responses to all my questions, no matter how big or small. I would happily recommend A Touch of Tensai to anyone who would like an impressive website for minimal cost and maximum impact.

Steven ::: TK Namibia Tours Website
That's great bro! Thank you very much for your hard work bro, I am so happy.

Board Director ::: South African Chamber of Commerce Website
I cannot tell you how excited we are about the new site! The admin tools seem terrific, extremely easy to use. I'm just sorry we waited so long to do this. I cannot believe it is really this easy - thank you thank you thank you!

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