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We produce fully-themed internet websites for small-to-medium sized companies and private individuals. The personal service we provide for each one of our clients produces a totally unique homepage, themed to their particular tastes and business market.

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Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kumamoto, Japan

Website Design & SEO ::: Services We Offer

SEOGenius : 1st Page SEO Search Engine Optimization
FREE with every website!
*¥50,000 when sold separately

SEO Search Engine Optimization

How are people going to find your new website? Well, over 80% are probably going to find you through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Of course, if your new website doesn't show up on the first page of results, then most of your potential clients will never even see it!

At A Touch of Tensai we offer expert search engine optimization (natural or 'organic' SEO) with all our website packages, to get your site ranked at the top of search engines. We research your business needs and products to determine the best keywords and phrases for your site, and then work within strict ethical guidelines to fully optimize your website.

Does it really work?...   Yes.   1st page ranking on search engine results.

1st Page 1st Page Google Results Website SEO Results for  A Touch of Tensai:

web design Fukuoka web design Fukuoka  SEO Top #1 Ranking#1
website design Kitakyushu website design Kitakyushu SEO Top #1 Ranking#1
web design Tokyo web design Tokyo
SEO Kitakyushu SEO Kitakyushu
signboard design signboard design
(as of 2022)

design Kitakyushu design Kitakyushu  SEO Top #1 Ranking#1
web design Yokohama web design Yokohama  SEO Top #1 Ranking#1
SEO Fukuoka SEO Fukuoka
web design Kanagawa web design Kanagawa
Japanese logo Japanese logo

web design Osaka web design Osaka  SEO Top #1 Ranking#1
design Fukuoka design Fukuoka  SEO Top #1 Ranking#1
Japan logo Japan logo
web design Shizuoka web design Shizuoka
web Kitakyushu web Kitakyushu

Our clients' websites have enjoyed similar successes:
Kanmon International,
currently ranked
#1 of 1,700,000 for
"Japanese used tractors"
English Website SEO : Kitakyushu
SEO Top Ranked Web Design #1
currently ranked
#2 of 74,900 for
"Tokyo belly dance school"
English/Japanese Website SEO : Tokyo
SEO Top Ranked Web Design #2
Yokohama Ballet,
currently ranked
#1 of 105,000 for
"ballet dance Yokohama"
English/Japanese Website SEO : Yokohama
SEO Top Ranked Web Design #1
Please see the Japanese version of this page for Japanese-language SEO examples.

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Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kumamoto, Japan

AdminGenius : Website Control System Design
FREE with every website!
*¥40,000 when sold separately

Admin Control Systems - AdminGenius

AdminGenius contains all of the most common administrative features requested by you, the site owners, and a whole lot more...

All provided FREE with every standard website package - you'll never have to pay maintenance fees again!

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Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kumamoto, Japan

What makes A Touch of Tensai so special?

Value for money Web Design 

Value for Money ::: We can guarantee you won't find a professional website design company anywhere else in Japan this cheap! Profit is not our main priority - we honestly just love to make things, and for those things to be appreciated.

Personal design service 

Personal Service ::: We treat each customer as unique. Nobody knows your business like you do, but we take the time to try and match your enthusiasm for your new project. After the project's finished, not only do you have a great website, but you also have our continued support for years to come.

100% Original Designs 

100% Original ::: We strive to push our limits and expertise. For every new project we aim to give you a totally unique product. Our work would be very dull indeed, if we simply re-hashed the same thing every time. You wouldn't want that, and neither do we!