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WebsiteGenius - Our All-Inclusive Website Package

WebsiteGenius : All-inclusive Website Package

Introducing our all-inclusive website package, with the perfect combination of custom-made design, ease-of-use and search engine efficiency. This website design package includes our fully-featured SEOGenius search engine optimization package, AdminGenius admin control system, free hosting services PLUS expert logo design!

  • Custom-made design, unique to your business
  • Website/company logo design
  • Full 20-page site
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design ?
  • Slideshow animations, stock photographs and images
  • Professional search engine optimization (natural or 'organic' SEO) more >>
  • Email response forms
  • English/Japanese bilingual website option
  • Free hosting for an entire year more >>
  • Free domain name - every year!
  • Easy-to-use content management system more >>
  • Full-service aftercare
  • 24-Hour Support, 365 days a year

We offer complete customer satisfaction and the best search engine results in the business, at a price you can afford - see our testimonials!
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WebsiteGenius - Our Standard Website Package 
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