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47 of the very best Website Design projects created by A Touch of Tensai. We produce fully-themed internet websites for small-to-medium sized companies, shops and schools in English and/or Japanese. The personal service we provide for each one of our clients produces a totally unique homepage, themed to their particular tastes and business market.

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Actus Ballet Website  (Web Design ::: Tokyo)Actus Ballet
Green Breeze English  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Green Breeze
Koshashin Vintage Photography Website  (Web Design ::: Kanagawa)Koshashin Photos
Botswana Embassy Website  (Web Design ::: Minato-ku, Tokyo)Botswana Embassy
BikeMe Sample Site  (Web Design ::: Bike Shop)BikeMe Shop
Bakumatsuya Antique Bookstore Website  (Web Design ::: Kanagawa)Bakumatsuya Books
Rainbow Academy English School Website  (Web Design ::: Moji)Rainbow Academy
Hozuki Books  (Web Design ::: Tokyo)Hozuki Books
TK Namibia Tours Website  (Web Design ::: Namibia)TK Namibia Tours
MadMax Taiwan  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu & Taiwan)Madmax Taiwan
Original Stormtrooper Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Original Stormtrooper
KitaQGamers Club Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)KitaQGamers
C&C Japan Car Exports Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)C&C Cars
Cave du Vin Tanaka Whisky Store  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Cave du Vin
Kent Florist Website  (Web Design ::: Brisbane)Kent Florist
Tomei Wines Website  (Webshop Design ::: Yokohama)Tomei Wines
Marine Stereo Website  (Web Design ::: Kobe)Marine Stereo
Kingston Golf Caps Website  (Web Design ::: Fukuoka)Kingston Golf Caps
Collten Izakaya Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Collten Izakaya
Gibson School of English  (Web Design ::: Kokura)Gibson School
Kato Architects  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Kato Architects
GetSome Bar & Restaurant Homepage  (Web Design ::: Osaka)GetSome Bar
Yokohama Ballet Website  (Web Design ::: Yokohama)Yokohama Ballet
Kawakami Housing Website  (Web Design ::: Nakatsu, Oita)Kawakami Housing
Myer Japan English School  (Web Design ::: Fukuoka)Myer English
ReoTech Resort Furniture Website  (Web Design ::: Philippines)Reotech Furniture
Oxford School of English Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Oxford English
Foreign Entrepreneur Promotion Committee Website  (Web Design ::: Fukuoka)FEPC Website
RioTinto Japan Website  (Web Design ::: Tokyo)RioTinto Japan
BikeMe Portal Website  (Web Design ::: Fukuoka)BikeMe Portal
Kuroneko Magic  (Web Design ::: Tokyo)Kuroneko Magic
Kanmon-Auto Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Kanmon-Auto Recruitment Website  (Web Design ::: Hong Kong)HelperChoice
Kanmon International Exporter Website  (Web Design ::: Moji)Kanmon Intl
Sambat Trust Pro-Bono Charity Website  (Web Design ::: Japan, Philippines)Sambat Trust Charity
AlienEye Import Goods Online Shop  (Web Design ::: Shibuya, Tokyo)AlienEye Shop
the English E Website  (Web Design ::: Fukuoka)the English E
Access Cars Website  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)Access Cars
Ring Tail Hobby Shop Website  (Web Design ::: Beppu, Oita)RingTail Hobby Shop
Healing Hill Thai Massage Salon Website  (Web Design ::: Roppongi)Healing Hill
Gloucester Sports Online Shop  (Web Shop Design ::: Gloucester)Gloucester Sports
BellyQueen Belly Dance School Website  (Web Design ::: Tokyo)BellyQueen
Habib Japanese Used Cars Website  (Web Design ::: Iizuka)Habib Auto
Wargames Japan Website  (Web & Database Design ::: Japan)Wargames Japan
Intra LLC Used Car Auctions  (Auction Website Design ::: Fukuoka)Intra LLC Cars
International Education Consultants Website  (Web Design ::: Yokohama)I.E.C.
BonBon-Bleu Clothing  (Web Design ::: Kitakyushu)BonBon-Bleu
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