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21 of the very best Interior Design projects created by A Touch of Tensai. Our portfolio includes numerous stunning projects in the following areas: retail shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, club-houses, offices, classrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms, conservatories, games rooms, accessories and custom furniture.

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Scoop Cafe  (Cafe & Shop Design ::: Kitakyushu)Scoop Cafe
Modern Ethnic Balinese Living Room  (Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)Bali Living Room
Medieval Games Room Loft Conversion  (Interior Design ::: Fukuoka)Medieval Loft
Cream & Brown Bedroom  (Bedroom design ::: Fukuoka)Cream & Brown Bedroom
GT Cafe Motorsports Coffee Shop  (Cafe Design ::: Saudi Arabia)GT Cafe
Lanikai Hawaiian-Style Bar  (Bar & Restaurant Design ::: Kitakyushu)Lanikai Bar
Ringtail Medieval Event Room  (Interior Design ::: Beppu)Medieval Event Room
Monochrome Kitchen  (Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)Monochrome Kitchen
Round 5 Fifties Movie Theme Bar  (Shop & Bar Design ::: Kitakyushu)Round 5 Bar
Monochrome Genkan Hall  (Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)Monochrome Hall
The Dragon Pub Restaurant  (Bar & Restaurant Design ::: Kitakyushu)The Dragon Pub
Minimalist Living Room  (Interior Design ::: UK)Minimalist Living
Frozen Monkey Coffee Shop  (shop & cafe design ::: Osaka)Frozen Monkey Cafe
Classic Washroom Cabinets  (Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)Classic Washroom
Bali-style Tennis School Clubhouse  (Shop Design ::: Kitakyushu)Bali Office
Club Le Mond Entranceway  (Bar Design ::: Kitakyushu)Club Le Mond
Beechwood & Glass Coffee Table  (Furniture Design ::: Fukuoka)Coffee Table
Moroccan Bathroom  (Interior Design ::: UK)Moroccan Bathroom
Ocean Bedroom  (Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)Ocean Bedroom
Swedish Kitchen  (Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)Swedish Kitchen
Teenage Bedroom  (Interior Design ::: UK)Teenage Bedroom
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