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Scoop Cafe

(Cafe & Shop Design ::: Kitakyushu) ::: Scoop Cafe

This new business venture was handled entirely by A Touch of Tensai from conception to realization. The project included the design of logos, menus, uniforms and artwork, planning, construction, decorating, tiling, shopfront signs, and accompanying website.

Shortly after opening in Kanda, the shop was featured in Kyushu Walker magazine, along with praise for its fresh, innovative style.

(Cafe & Shop Design ::: Kitakyushu)

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Scoop logo Staff uniforms Menu illustrations Menu photo Menu stands Menu sign-boards Design concept sketch Mid-construction Pre-construction Kyushu Walker's review

(Cafe & Shop Design ::: Kitakyushu)

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Owner Testimonial:

... brand-new ice-cream shop where your favourite fruits can be blended into your very own original ice-cream before your eyes! ... The cafe is decorated in vivid hues of reds and yellows, and if you look closely at the logo illustration, the word 'SCOOP' appears as if by magic.
[Review from Kyushu Walker Magazine]

Scoop Cafe review ::: Scoop Cafe

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