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GT Cafe Motorsports Coffee Shop

(Cafe Design ::: Saudi Arabia) ::: GT Cafe Motorsports Coffee Shop

Keen motorsports fans decided to open this themed cafe and coffeeshop, and requested these eye-catching interior and logo designs.

Flooring intended to instill a real motorsports feel neatly split the space into 3 seating areas - VIP sofas, central racetrack stools, and raceteam tables (decorated in authentic racing colours). A billboard triangle of eye-level flatscreen TVs ensures nobody misses the action, and racing momentos and racecar parts are scattered throughout the shop.

Exterior signboards in instantly-recognisable bright GT racing colours are echoed inside the shop, above the polished steel service counter.

(Cafe Design ::: Saudi Arabia)

More images:

Sofa seating area View from entrance Racing team seating Entrance Counter area Logo Shop exterior, before construction

(Cafe Design ::: Saudi Arabia)

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