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Modern Ethnic Balinese Living Room

(Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu) ::: Modern Ethnic Balinese Living Room

Plenty of natural daylight gives an airy feel to this ethnic-inspired living room. Sofas made of water hyacinth combine well with an imported mahogany coffee table and a beautiful antique Balinese teak cabinet, which also hides the video players.

A wall-mounted flatscreen plasma television keeps the room's clean and airy atmosphere, and also provides extra space. A false wall directly below the unit neatly conceals audio and video cables. Simple cotton Roman blinds and glass blocks provide privacy while maximising the light.

(Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)

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mahogany coffee table antique teak cabinet spacious seating glass block wall (entrance hall) whole room view

(Interior Design ::: Kitakyushu)

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