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How to set-up iPhone, Mac Mail, Pine, Thunderbird and other email software

The following page has some general information on email software setup:



Follow these links for specific instructions on how to set up the corresponding email clients.



* A recent problem that seems to have cropped up is an error when trying to send email. If you get an error message along the lines of "Failed to connect to server" for OUTgoing mail, try clicking on 'Accounts > Properties > Advanced' (or whatever is correct for your software) and changing the outgoing port to '587'. It's an internet provider issue, by the way.


For secure (encrypted) email purposes, we recommend the following settings on a TLS or SSL account:


Mail servers:

Normally incoming mail servers should be set as either (if you're using only one computer to download emails) or (if you're using multiple devices to access the same account).


Outgoing servers should be set as "".