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Hosting fees and details

We provide reliable hosting and domain name registration services for our clients where desired. The first year is normally included free with the website design fees, and from the second year onwards is a flat annual fee of 10,000 yen. Please note that "" domains will incur a slight additional cost, as we sometimes are faced with higher charges from the registrar companies.


We recommend US-based Dreamhost as a reliable shared hosting service, and act as simple intermediaries. We will arrange and setup hosting for your website, and simply invoice you annually. You retain ownership of your domain name at all times. Hosting is provided on a "best-effort" basis, which is normal in the hosting industry - while this means that although your website cannot be guaranteed available 100% of the time, in effect it is usually online 99.9% of the time. There may be an hour or two annually where maintenance is being preformed - again, this is normal in the hosting industry.


For ".jp" domain names, we normally use Japan-based as our regular registration company. Websites are usually still hosted with US-based Dreamhost.



Full details of the services available with Dreamhost can be found here: