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Adding videos

We recommend adding YouTube videos to your pages and product descriptions if they are available. Thankfully, this is very easy to do with the AdminGenius system.


  1. On the YouTube website featuring your video, copy and paste the URL address in the address bar. This should be something like "" (see fig.1, below).
  2. In a separate window, login to your Admin section.
  3. Click on your page to update, e.g. "Page Contents > Home".  
  4. Click inside the "Page Text" box, where you would like to include the video.  
  5. Push the "Insert YouTube video" button (see fig.2, below).
  6. In the popup, paste the full URL address of the video's address into the "Link Sharing" box (see fig.3, below).
    NOTE For sites made before Oct 2016: The URL of the video should not be "https://...". It must be "http://..." (i.e. no "s" there!). 
    NOTE For sites made after Oct 2016: The URL of the video should contain "https://...".
  7. Click the "Insert" button.  Your video will appear in the "Page Text" box as a large yellow rectangle (see fig.4, below).
  8. Confirm and save the changes.