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A font is the term used in the graphic design trade to describe the typeface of your text. If you were managing an antiques shop, then chances are that you'd want an old-fashioned typeface such as the "Old English Text" font, whereas a communications technology firm might want to use a futuristic typeface such as "Stylistic".

Fonts can be used to give a more cohesive 'look' for all of your business printed matter - business cards, letterheads and pamphlets. Here at A Touch of Tensai we endeavour to choose the right font for your business needs and image, but just in case you're looking for a second typeface font or just feel like a change, then please feel free to send us a mail about any of the fonts listed below, which are the main collection of typefaces we regularly use in our work.

Additional fonts can be found at such websites as FontParadise or FontFreak for free.