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18 of the very best Graphic Design projects created by A Touch of Tensai. We can create eye-catching masterpieces of graphic design, to any finished format you might require (in English or Japanese). Our recent projects have included sign-boards, menus, business cards, posters, company and shop logos, packaging labels, graphic maps and illustrations, newspaper and magazine advertisements, flag design, computer 'desktop' images, and product photography.

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Scoop Logo  (Logo Design ::: Kitakyushu)Scoop Logo
GoldStyle Salon Logo & Signboard  (logo & signboard design ::: Kokura)GoldStyle Salon
Club TEN Logo & Business Cards  (Logo & Business Card Design ::: Kitakyushu)Club TEN Cards
English School Flyer  (Flyer design ::: Fukuoka)English School Flyer
Zen Consulting Logo  (Logo Design ::: Chiba)Zen Consulting
RingTail Logo  (Logo Design ::: Beppu, Oita)RingTail Logo
Dubai Arabia Logo  (Logo Design ::: Dubai)Dubai Arabia
Fukuoka Energy Logo  (Logo Design ::: Fukuoka)Fukuoka Energy
KitaQ Nights Poster  (Poster Design ::: Kitakyushu)KitaQ Nights Poster
Rainbow Academy Logo  (Logo Design ::: Moji)Rainbow Logo
Sambat Trust Logo  (Logo Design ::: Philippines)Sambat Trust
Michi Salon Logo & Signboards  (Logo & Signboard Design ::: Kitakyushu)Michi Logo
Kenko English Logo  (Logo Design ::: Fukuoka)KenkoEnglish Logo
Arista Signboards  (Graphic Design ::: Kitakyushu)Arista Signboards
Round 5 Logo  (Logo Design ::: Kitakyushu)Round 5 Logo
Cafe de Deux Menu  (Graphic Menu Design ::: Kitakyushu)Cafe de Deux Menu
Kyushu Connection Logo  (Logo Design ::: Fukuoka)Kyushu Connection Logo
Arista English Logo  (Logo Design ::: Kitakyushu)Arista Logo
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