About Us ::: What is A Touch of Tensai ?

'Tensai' is the Japanese word for 'genius' - it's what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. We apply that motto to all our work, because we believe this concept applies particularly strongly to the commercial world, where the right image can spell the difference between an average business and a successful one.

A Touch of Tensai is a small, dedicated design business based in Kitakyushu City, Japan. We combine a unique level of theming to everything we produce, with great attention to detail. Whether the project is a shop interior or a company website, we create totally unique and eye-catching designs.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have genius?

Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kitakyushu, Japan

What makes A Touch of Tensai so special?


Value for Money ::: We can guarantee you won't find a professional design company anywhere else in Japan this affordable! Profit is not our main priority - we honestly just love to make things, and for those things to be appreciated.


Personal Service ::: We treat each customer as unique. Nobody knows your business like you do, but we take the time to try and match your enthusiasm for your new project. After the project's finished, not only do you have a great website or interior, but you also have our continued support for years to come.


100% Original ::: We strive to push our limits and expertise. For every new project we aim to give you a totally unique product. Our work would be very dull indeed, if we simply re-hashed the same thing every time. You wouldn't want that, and neither do we!

Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kitakyushu, Japan

Staff Profiles

David Millward ::: Designer
Trained at the Regency Academy of Fine Arts (London) in commercial interior design, and self-taught in website design and programming (and carpentry, architectural design, and graphic design). Designing all sorts of things since 1998.

Yukiko Millward ::: Translation
Qualified English teacher since 1994, and English-to-Japanese translation specialist.