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Reports suggest that as much as 50% of internet viewing in Japan is done on mobile phones. Regular websites are often too large or complex for mobile phones to display properly, and you shouldn't have to miss out on that extra traffic. A mobile website, specially designed for mobile-phone browsing, could bring a whole new market to your business.

At A Touch of Tensai we can tailor-make a mobile website to accompany your existing PC-based website, or create a brand-new mobile website as a totally separate project. Features include:

  • Unlimited pages: no limit to the size of your new mobile site.
  • Photo gallery: a quick visual tool for your site.
  • Owner controls: to update page texts and create new pages.
  • QR-code: (see right) barcode commonly used on flyers and posters in Japan to give quick access for mobile phone users.
  • Browser detection: used in conjunction with an existing website, this program allows both websites to use the same URL. However, mobile phone users will be forwarded directly to the mobile version site.
MobileGenius : Mobile-phone Website Design


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