Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kitakyushu, Japan

Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO

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A Touch of Tensai is a web design company based in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Japan. We have been designing websites for 15 years now (since 1999), and in that time we have helped hundreds of businesses succeed. We offer complete customer satisfaction and the best search engine results in the business, at a price you can afford.

Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kitakyushu, Japan


(Web Design ::: Fukuoka)

Paula Ricci ::: Kyushu Connection Online Chat Website
We're getting great feedback on [the site's] design. People are really happy with the site and we appreciate how fast you work. Your prices are extremely reasonable and more importantly you are great at what you do and very professional. Thanks for doing such great work and at the speed of light.

(Web Design ::: Fukuoka)

Anthony Hemmens ::: the English E Website
I love it. It's absolutely beautiful. Really Fantastic!

(Database design ::: Tokyo)

Board Director ::: South African Chamber of Commerce Website
I cannot tell you how excited we are about the new site! The admin tools seem terrific, extremely easy to use. I'm just sorry we waited so long to do this. I cannot believe it is really this easy - thank you thank you thank you!

Quality Japanese and English website design & SEO in Kitakyushu, Japan


New Site Opens! New Site Opens!   20 Jun 2014
Smooth and stylish lines with bright chrome accents gave this Japanese online retailer of marine stereo equipment the quality look and feel to match its high-end product range. more >>

New Site Opens! New Site Opens!   30 May 2014
Beautiful product photos of handmade resort furniture were combined with a very simple monochrome wood background and blue accents, for this Philippines-based online retailer. more >>

Help Section New Articles   08 May 2014
As part of our ongoing mission to provide the best possible service to our customers, we have now added how-to articles on a wide variety of topics; Facebook and Twitter feeds, adding images, videos and PDFs, Google Analytics, email settings, keyword optimisation, and many more. View HELP >>

New Site Opens! New Site Opens!   08 Apr 2014
We opened this overseas-targeted custom t-shirt website for a local t-shirt printing company. Mixing modern and traditional designs in their products, we made them a site to match... and help bring Japan's "cool" to the world! Visit site >>

Product Photography Guide Product Photography Guide   14 Feb 2014
A brand new tutorial added to our new HELP section, to guide you in taking the very best product photos for your online store. View guide >>

Help Section Added   13 Feb 2014
We have just opened our new HELP section, containing answers to many of the common questions about updating and editing websites using our AdminGenius control systems. View Help section >>